Concrete Counter tops and Concrete Decorations

decorative1Ancient established empires in different parts of the world get studied through the remaining rubles of concrete that had been used for construction and for decorative purposes as well. In the modern times, the use of concrete for decorative purposes has been seen more in the floors and counter tops. The thing with concrete is that it has an aspect of versatility making it very easy to work with and for various purposes. Many home owners look to give their homes a personal touch and the counter top is among the items that are used to make such visions materialize. Concrete is the way to go if you are looking to have exclusivity in the making of counter tops because you not only get to play with color or the texture of the surface but also you can have the installation of some fittings that you want added on the counter top’s surface. Gone are the days when granite products were the only way to go when it came to counter tops, with concrete, contractors can walk the client through the different types of concrete counter tops that they can have and on top of that is possible to give a custom touch to the counter top as an opportunity for the contractor to show his skills. Counter tops are very labor intense and far from being a one day affair, a counter top with a lot of detail will take up to a fortnight to complete. The design, form work and all activities involved to the application of a coat sealer is the amount of labor needed to deliver a concrete counter top. Switching from a laminate counter top to a concrete does not have to mean the tearing down of the laminate, Contractors have come up with a better solution where the laminate surface is prepared for a cement polymer to be applied and one ends up with a concrete looking counter top and on top that its way cheaper and it’s easier to make hence less labor intensive. Learn more on Anchorage decorative concrete.

Decorative concrete features patterns, unique textures, having overlays concrete coating and the use of acid stains just to mention but a few. To achieve colors with the use of acid stains, the acid reacts with minerals in the concrete. When concrete is poured in cast in its malleable state, there is tendencies of some air spaces to hold air and this may make it weak when it finally dries off into a structure, to avoid that one should ensure that vibration is applied to ensure that the mixture fills any voids that are in the mixture. Before surfaces of countertops dry off, they can have some decorators embedded and these could be coins, sea shells or colored brass, having a combination of decorators also brings a unique touch. Check on for more information.